Order Process

We’re not saying ordering custom sports apparel is easy, but we are saying we make it easier than the competition.  We utilize technology, so you have access to your order details at any time; and for when you want to talk things over we are available by phone, email, and chat.

Get Started

Give us a call or contact us using our Get Started form so we can set up a quote for you. Alternatively, you can log in to or create an account on our website and build a quote on your own. We have an extensive range of products and options, so please let us know how we can help you choose what works best for your group.


Upload your design and logos and send us your concept. One of our in-house designers will get in touch with you to discuss your project and provide proofs. Our prices include designing the clothing so let one of our talented designers help.

Fit Kit & Samples

We love this step because we know once you see our products and get a chance to try them on, you’ll be a fan. Feel free to request quality samples or a sizing kit to help ensure you are ordering the correct product for your needs in the right size.


We’re happy to open a Team Store on our website for you, free of charge so your members can order clothing directly from us allowing you to save valuable time. If you prefer to place a traditional order, you may simply enter your quantity and sizes on our website and then confirm the order.


When using our free Team Store service, clients will make payment at the time of purchasing. If you are placing a traditional order, you can make payment online via our website or by sending a check or bank transfer.


It’s now our chance to impress you by producing your amazing new custom sports apparel. We produce your custom products in a production facility we own, by our staff that cares about your satisfaction which is a point that makes us extremely proud. We have been producing for over 20 years, and our experience will show in the final quality of your products.


Traditional orders will ship to a single team address in bulk. If you utilize our free Team Store service you can choose to ship all orders to one location unsorted, one location individually sorted per order or individually sorted and shipped directly to the purchaser*.

*Team Store direct shipments are available in USA and Poland, please check with your sales contact for availability in other countries.