Our creative department exists to help you produce the perfect design for your custom L-ridesen clothing. For some clients, that means simply turning your final artwork into a production-ready format, while for most clients that means assisting with the design process. No matter what your starting point is, we will get to the finish line together.

A great way to get the process going is to download the product templates, which you will find on our various product pages. If you have design software, you can use these templates to create your digital design file, and for everyone else, you can simply print out the product templates and start creating by hand. Alternatively, you may send us your thoughts, examples and even links to some ideas you like so our talented artists have a basis for helping you create the perfect design. Please remember to include any photos, images or files that will be needed and you believe will be helpful.

The colors and variations of printed colors available are nearly infinite, but we suggest you start by choosing from our L-ridesen color palette which is the most popular and frequently used colors. However, if you have a special color need we are happy to create a custom color for you at no cost. Simply provide us with a reference point such as a Pantone color number or a physical sample. We have available sublimated samples of our L-ridesen color palette and are happy to create a sample of any custom colors used in your design. In addition to printed colors, you can choose the color of other product details such as flatlock stitching, zippers, and piping.

How to submit your design

If you have prepared your design electronically, then the easiest way to submit it is by email to your sales contact. We prepare your production-ready design files using Adobe Illustrator, so that is our preferred format. However, we can accept other vector format files as well. If vector format files are not available, we can also accept raster (bitmap) files if the quality is acceptable for production.

Acceptable raster files for production are at minimum 150 dpi when sized to fit your design and saved with a transparent background. Many other factors can influence the quality of the file, and since our goal is to produce the highest print quality, we are happy to review your files and check if they are production quality.

Images and files taken from the internet are usually low resolution and not acceptable for production. However, if it is a sponsors logo, you should contact them directly and request a vector version. Most sponsors and business have a vector version of their logo available, and by providing it to us, you assure the best representation of their brand in your design.

We can produce designs that include photographs, but it is important that the file is at minimum 150 dpi when at the size needed for production. If the file is too large to email, just let us know and will provide instructions on how to send it.

You must have permission to use a Registered or Trademarked logo as well as Copyrighted photographs from its owner.


If you own the logo, then we are happy to use or modify it in any way you request.


If the logo or content is Registered®, Trademarked™ or has a Copyright©, you must have permission from the owner for us to use it in your design.


You must have permission from the owner of all downloaded logos unless they are royalty free.

L-ridesen Logos and Guidelines

Our prices include standard L-ridesen logo placement on all our custom products. We try to be as flexible as possible during the designing phase while adhering to our logo usage guidelines. That means we will offer you alternative placements of our logos to help find one that best fits your design. If you prefer, we can produce your custom order without any sublimated L-ridesen logos on the outside for a 10% surcharge.